We are best described as facilitators in career and professional Life Changes.  We are dedicated to helping corporate and small business partners, as well as individual clients, achieve a successful career transition (first-time managing role, career change, redundancy). We focus on personality profiling to help our clients understand their preferred working and communication behavioural style.

Estelle des Georges, MBA
Founder Force for Change




Find out which JOB fits YOU best!

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15 years of staff management experience - Developing teams  & individuals

in a variety of sectors, ranging from IT & Financial Information sectors to Leisure sector

Testimonials & Quotation

If you want something you've never had, you need to be willing to do something you've never done before.

Thomas Jefferson

Thanks to Estelle's coaching  I'm able to think in a practical way. I can make my dreams real. Thanks to her help I'm aware of the steps I need to go through to achieve my dreams and for this I am really grateful to her.

Marie Francoise A. (2015)

Estelle was a great Coach to me. Everytime I spoke to her I felt inspired, motivated and re-invigorated again. She Helped me during a difficult time. Thank you Estelle!

Shalima K.  (2015)

Estelle's dedication and warmth inspired confidence in working on my personal and professional goals with her.

Chatelle J. (2016)

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Certificate in Personal Coaching

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Spain +34 665 660 667



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